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21 Folder Design Ideas to Impress Your Clients With

Presentation folders play an important role in marketing; they are used for document management and brand establishment. Therefore, businesses are always on the lookout for people who can create folder designs that will effectively sell their products and services.

As a designer, you need more than the standard creativity to be able to create folder designs with unique competitive advantages.

For a folder design to impress, it must be able to embody business processes while still having an aesthetic appeal. Of course, it’s never easy to create that balance. You may rack your brains for hours on end and still have nothing but a an empty canvas. What you need more than anything else is inspiration. So, lo and behold, we might just have the key to get those creative juices flowing! Check out our roundup of 21 custom folder design ideas to get your needed dose of artistic rush!

This is a guest post from Joan Esperida. Joan is a blogger who loves digital art. She enjoys surfing the internet to find inspiration for her own vector artwork. She writes about tips on designing and printing folders on the UPrinting Blog.

Folder Design Ideas - Creative Design

Folder Design Ideas - Hello!

Folder Design Ideas - Then

Folder Design Ideas - Red Pattern

Folder Design Ideas - a bracket

Folder Design Ideas - Art Theater

Folder Design Ideas - FIM Financial-Tree

Folder Design Ideas - Two Angels

Folder Design Ideas - Globya

Folder Design Ideas - Herofilm

Folder Design Ideas - Chansen

Folder Design Ideas - Specialist Services

Folder Design Ideas - NiC

Folder Design Ideas - BT Fleet

Folder Design Ideas - Dmark

Folder Design Ideas - CirclePharma

Folder Design Ideas - Holcin

Folder Design Ideas - Alcohol

Folder Design Ideas - Thomson-Sailors

Folder Design Ideas - Ionik

Folder Design Ideas - Soul Cafe

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57 Responses

27th Oct 2010

Very impressive printing. Trying to get something printed here locally and put together that well will probably cost you some money. Looks beautiful in terms of design, but in terms of mass producing and distributing, I am not sure.

29th Oct 2010

Its looking so good, Very nice and very useful. thanks for sharing all these folder design

30th Oct 2010

The folder designs are really awesome. They play an important role document management and brand establishment.
Thats a way to impress customers and to establish business.

Thanks for sharing the designs.

30th Oct 2010

They look awesome. I’d love to have one of these haha.

2nd Nov 2010

Some great designs in this collection, it’s been quite a while since I’ve worked on a folder… Always used to be quite problematic at the printers, don’t really miss working on them!

3rd Nov 2010

wow.. those are cool. perfectly a great inspiring source.

4th Nov 2010

Loved some, others not so much. Nice list though.

5th Nov 2010

Looks like I need to upgrade mime now. I use simply use a hard cover paper with my business name on it and then punch holes and bound everything together. Better presentation shall sell easier.

5th Nov 2010

Great stuff – thanks for the ideas.


5th Nov 2010

Nice collection of portfolios. It is important to remember how long paper actually lasts :) Good stuff to keep around.

8th Nov 2010

These folders must be expensive. I dont have much budget, but I will always try to present something cost effective and eye candy !

18th Nov 2010

These are great! Thanks for sharing…love the third from top!

21st Nov 2010

Wow nice collection. One way to stand out from the competition. Thanks for sharing!

Some intresting folders there. Alot of them would be a little to far out for some of the clients that I have. It can some times be hard to get a client to brake from the norm with something like this expecially when it does not look as impressive on the screen as when it is printed, shaped and folded the way that it should look.

23rd Nov 2010

Some really nice design here, I particularly like the orange “THEN” design.

26th Nov 2010

Great designs, but won´t they be “expensive” , I guess not all companies can pay folders like that.

Anyway they are great

7th Dec 2010

Amazing samples for folder designs which will help us to impress the clients. Thank you so much for your great ideas by sharing this sweet stuff.

If you looking for more design inspiration with web design & for free templates then make use of it.

9th Dec 2010

Where can you get folders actually designed and printed like these? I need some for my company but can’t find anywhere that prints folders.

14th Dec 2010

Yes, some amazing folder designs, as ‘chris hart’ said, please share with us where you got these folder designs from, email me if you can and let me know, i am very interested in getting these done. I love the ‘Hello’ one, i think that is really cool.

At the end of the day these folders are truely what sells you, so they need to look amazing.

22nd Dec 2010

These are some really nice designs – I never put much thought into folder design but seeing these has really inspired me.

3rd Jan 2011

Great post, very helpful, I have to say that if ones web site like this on of Target was so unhelpful to the client using it, why would this client come back, or even tell anyone else to use it. This can be very damaging to a business in the long run.

19th Jan 2011

I love looking at folder designs and these are great. I really like the second folder design with ‘hello’ on it.

16th Feb 2011

superb collection. couple of months ago i have been searching for some nice ideas, while designing CD and Folder covers but couldnt find anything good. this collection will remain in my fav list untill the next assignment :)

22nd Feb 2011

These are brilliant, do the companies themselves design them, or is this a job for a separate designer? Where do you go to get things like this printed?

Hat off to them, they must have taken some work!

25th Mar 2011

Great work. I particularaly like simplicity of the design of the BT Fleet item.

28th Mar 2011

Awesome Collection. Thanks for sharing

26th Apr 2011

An awesome collection of folder designs…..Unqiue Collection!!!

5th May 2011

Folder designs become a big brand of the market but we have to do some extra work on it.

13th Jun 2011

Although I work more in digital now I do still really enjoy looking at print and a post like this is just the thing I enjoy looking at. I am now trying to think of a project where I will need some folders just so that I can have a go in my own time. If you are needing to present a project then I think it is important to give off the right impression, including the choice of folder that you have. I really like the ‘hello’ folder as its something a little different. I also like the Nic folder due to the printing techniques and effects that are used. Embossing like that can really make an impact.

22nd Jun 2011

Nice design, there was a good tutorial like this on nettuts as well.

16th Jul 2011

Awesome! Good collection of folder designs

I like all Folder designs thanks for sharing good stuff here.

29th Jul 2011

Great collection love the 3rd & 5th one from the top.

Awesome presentation folder designs! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing all these Good collection of folder designs

16th Aug 2011

these are amazing! So beautiful and well created! Thank you for sharing!

20th Aug 2011

All are awesome and color combination can makes your thing work any where.

7th Oct 2011

Amazing collections of folders and lovely designs. Impressed with your efforts!

12th Oct 2011

Great designs looks more trendy. The folder designs are really awesome. Thanks for sharing the designs.

12th Oct 2011

The folder designs are really awesome. I like all Folder designs thanks for sharing good stuff here.

18th Oct 2011

Nice designs of folders; some are really amazing thanks for share these types of nice designs here.

25th Oct 2011

These folders are stunning! Absolutely incredible. It makes me feel slightly cheap using my plastic ring bind folders :(

I’m definitely going to look into this though, particularly for when we have stools at corporate events etc.

17th Nov 2011

Loving the folder designs. Always been big fans of spot UV varnish and weird cutter-formes :)

23rd Nov 2011

I’m extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one today..

10th Dec 2011

The folder designs are great! I’ve found with so many online clients that it’s not necessary to have a printed folder. However for all my offline clients using nicely designed folders has always had good benefits.

4th Jan 2012

Thats really cool. Thanks :)

17th Jan 2012

Some very neat folders there. Good work with the design.

23rd Jan 2012

Very cool presentation folders, especially the 9th one down, the one with “GLOBYA” written on the top left corner.

23rd Jan 2012

Ohhh! I like the blue Globya one!….thanks nice collection

Very impressive.

Globya or the one above it are the best ones.

2nd Apr 2012

can someone tell me how to create folders like these?
What webs tie/ company would I use? i can’t seem to find anything anywhere,

17th May 2012

Awesome designs i like THEN

19th May 2012

Looks profesional..
Love it

2nd Jun 2012

All this printings look great and impressive.Good and nice look. Thanks for the design.

11th Aug 2012

Very impressive collection.

25th Dec 2012

unique ideas, great designs for graphic designers :)

20th Mar 2013

I agree with you that Presentation folders play an important role in marketing. For that I will use these kind of folder design for my business. Thanks for posting important information .

11th Feb 2014

these folders are great for marketing

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