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Vibricons – 15 Free Vibrant PNG Icons

I’ve been busy designing a collection of vibrant PNG icons that you can use for both personal and commercial purposes without attribution. Each of the icons are supplied in 128, 64, 48 and 32 pixel sizes.

Vibricons Volume 1

I started designing these icons for personal projects but I’ve decided to release them for you to use for your own personal or commercial projects. I hope you find them useful! They would be perfect for any website, ecommerce software or user interface.

This first volume features 15 popular types of icons and symbols using vibrant and bold colours. I have started planning the second volume so if there are any types of icon you’d like to see in future versions please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to include them.

Vibricons Volume 1


These icons are released free of charge for both personal or commercial purposes and can be used without attribution. The icons cannot be resold or repackaged in any way.


Please click the link below to download a ZIP file (60 x PNG files, preview image and readme file) – 485kb

Vibricons – 15 Free Vibrant PNG Icons

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6th Jul 2010

Excellent list of icons there Phil, snagged for future use.

6th Jul 2010

Nice icon. Thanks for sharing.

7th Jul 2010

3rd great list of icons I’ve come across today! Great stuff

8th Jul 2010

These are gorgeous mate – awesome job. You need to pimp them out more! :)

8th Jul 2010

Cheers John! :)

8th Jul 2010

Really awesome mate, thanks for these icons!

13th Jul 2010

Nice set of icons!! I look forward to using them in the future!!

13th Jul 2010

very nice ,thanks for share

14th Jul 2010

Great collection, thanks so much.

I love the RSS one and Twitter one, they look very neat.

17th Jul 2010

Nice set, thx for sharing!

17th Jul 2010

Nice icons! Thanks for these they will come in handy.

19th Jul 2010

Cheers for this, great set off icons, they’ll come in handy

19th Jul 2010

Really nice icons. That icons are very attractive also. Thanks…..

19th Jul 2010

A nice set of icons, cheers for sharing :)

19th Jul 2010

Very nice icons. Thanks for sharing!

22nd Jul 2010

Look nice – grabbed them now to add to the library, thanks for sharing!

28th Jul 2010

These are gorgeous – awesome job. Really nice icons. That icons are very attractive also. Thanks…..

These PNG icons are so attractive and the designer can learn more about different design from these layouts.Color combination is also admirable.

4th Aug 2010

Nice icons, especially the notebook.

5th Aug 2010

Thank you for sharing these great looking icons!

9th Aug 2010

awesome design. The 100% Guarantee one is really cool.

16th Aug 2010

These are grrreat! Thanks for sharing – they will be put to good use…

17th Aug 2010

thanks! I found these through a Softpress update on Facebook, I’ll make good use of at least some of them

23rd Aug 2010

Love the diary icon – a real little gem :-) thanks for posting

27th Aug 2010

Thanks for the resources. Gonna be extremely useful :) Thanks for sharing !

28th Aug 2010

Cheers for the icons, very clean. I will be using them.

Keep on bloggin’

28th Aug 2010

Really great icon set, I create bizcard in this style. Thanks Phil

1st Sep 2010

Nice icons ! Sleek :) imma download it now. Thanks for sharing !

18th Sep 2010

These are great! Will definitely be using these!

20th Sep 2010

nice one will really come in handy thank you!

13th Oct 2010


21st Oct 2010

excellent set of icons, thank you!

24th Oct 2010

Tahnks, really nice ones.

24th Oct 2010


Thanks for sharing excellent collection of icons.

25th Oct 2010

Different colours have been used. It looks colourful. They can be used for both personal and professional projects.

10th Nov 2010

Nice icons thanks, I’m sure I’ll use some of them in the future.

Really nice icons you have there :)

2nd Jan 2011

Thank you so much for creating these icons and sharing them! They’re absolutely fantastic!

7th Feb 2011

Excellent with the moss texture for land. At a first glance I thought this would be a super long and hard tutorial but you used some really smart techniques.

8th Mar 2011

yey… i found it:P thanks for the 100% guarantee icon. I really wanted a red one for my blog… thanks very much;)

9th Mar 2011

nice icon set, but I need something else.. something like a green lock, which should suggest that it’s safe. like a firewall update than turns green when all the settings are ok.. if you understand what I’m saying

12th Mar 2011

A set of really beautiful icons really nice job, thanks for sharing!

13th Mar 2011

Excellent list of icons there Phil, snagged for future use.
A set of really beautiful icons really nice job, thanks for sharing!

26th May 2011

Really nice icons! Thank you so much for creating these icons and sharing them..

3rd Jun 2011

I think this is a really nice set of icons! Little details make such a difference in web design and really contribute to the overall site so icons no matter how smaller and how insignificant they may seem to some I am always on the look out for something new to add to my website designs.

4th Jun 2011

Very nice icons. Thanks for sharing!

13th Jun 2011

Very modern icons, i will be using the sale tag! Thanks!

Very essential nice web buttons thank you! The icons are simple but very nice..

13th Aug 2011

Nice list, I’m also certain I’ve seen that 100% guarantee used before, though I can’t remember where.

21st Oct 2011

These are nice vibrant PNG icon, I really like it

31st Oct 2011

Really nice PNG icons I like all icons, Thanks to author for share this amazing post

9th Dec 2011

Lovely – thanks!

19th Jan 2012

Nice icons! Thanks for these they will come in handy.

27th Jan 2012

Thanks for sharing these.

3rd Aug 2012

Cool Icons, Thanks they will be very useful.

20th Sep 2012

Downloaded! Thanks for sharing your icons for free!

11th Dec 2012

Thanks for the icons man, it’s really come in handy.

6th Feb 2013

These Icons look really useful. Many thanks for them.

25th Sep 2013

I like these icons a lot!

Thaks for sharing them with the world.

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