10th December 2010

My Smarter Website

New website creation service makes sense for designers and their finances

The Smarter Web Company is offering a new service which gives designers the opportunity to fully brand a powerful online content management system (CMS) and use it as a quick and easy way to build professional quality sites at a fraction of the usual cost to their business. Designers can charge their clients any fee they want, including a monthly charge for on-going CMS access and website hosting, with the potential to create a regular income for their business.

Additionally, the hassle of actually building a site is removed, and designers are left with more time to do what they do best – the design itself.

Competition prize

To celebrate the launch of this service, My Smarter Website is giving away a free account worth £240 which enables you to build up to 10 websites in a month. For more details of the account’s benefits see below and also visit http://www.mysmartercms.co.uk

For your chance to win simply send an email to: competitions@mysmartercms.co.uk writing ‘CMS competition’ in the subject line.

Features of My Smarter CMSFixed price, increased profits

The branded service comes at a very low fixed price, which includes a free markup service (see below). So designers can charge the client whatever they like, and pocket the difference. This could mean vastly increased profits for a design business’ website creation services.

Free design markup service

Uniquely, a free service to take a design produced by an agency and code it into a website is included within the low monthly charge. This means a web designer doesn’t have to potentially pay thousands to a third party for doing the build element, and retains much greater control over delivery times.

Profit example

The sites are of a high quality and ordinarily a design agency could charge upwards of £3,000 to build something similar. If an agency signs up to an account with My Smarter CMS they get an agreed number of websites for a monthly charge (the packages start at 10 websites for £240 each month) and as we markup the sites for no additional charge the potential profit is huge.

Because the CMS is fully branded, and essentially ‘theirs’, the agency can quote normal fees as the involvement of My Smarter CMS is transparent to the client.

For example, an agency signs up to the bottom package which gives them 10 websites at £240 per month. They charge their clients £3,000 per website as a design and build fee and then £30 per month for hosting and the CMS access. The total year one figure would be £33,600 and after a cost of their time to design the websites, manage their clients and the charge of £2,880 by My Smarter CMS. The total profit (not accounting for the agencies time) would be £30,720!

E-commerce with My Smarter CMS

Building up a regular monthly income

Once a client’s website has been built, that client then has the option of using the branded CMS tool to manage their site on a daily basis. Again, the designer can charge the client whatever they choose for this and because on-going access to the CMS is included in a low fixed fee package, it can help remove one of the biggest uncertainties involved in running a design business: not having a fixed, regular monthly income.

There are several packages on offer, tailored to suit the very smallest of design businesses, to large design agencies handling a high volume of business.

We think this is a great deal and makes a lot of business sense for individual designers and agencies alike. For more information take a look at http://www.mysmartercms.co.uk/ and call/mail us for more information and to discuss terms.

Good luck with the competition!

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