31st December 2010

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With any kind of artistic work, there are always trends to follow or break. Web design is no different. Each year, or even each season, brings along new trends.

1) Minimalistic layouts are in


Making people click through a thousand different links before they can get where they want to be is so last year. In 2010, it has been all about making sure that people get all the information that they need, right up front, in a clean minimalist design. In some cases, this means a single page, while in other cases there might be a few pages. Either way, you never have to go searching.

2) Typography is all the rage

Giant Creative

Making sure that your type is in, and even using different typography techniques to add dimension to the site is one of the biggest trends of web design in 2010. With everything from typography in tag clouds to using fun and funky fonts through the site, making sure that the type and the site work well together is very important.

3) More personalized design


Everyone wants their website to stand out. You want people to remember you (and your site of course!), otherwise there wouldn’t be a point to having the website. Because of this, people are taking different approaches than before.

Having a design that looks a little more hand drawn is one way that many people are achieving this. If you are an artist, this is an exceptionally great way to go!

4) Over-sized headers and footers


Though not our favorite of design choices, the trend in 2010 has been to make everything larger. With huge headers that take up a large portion of the page before someone has to scroll down, and sometimes even larger footers, along with huge amounts of information, it is felt that you will make a great impression. To us, though, this just feels like a ploy to make it seem like there’s more on the page than there really is.

5) Social Networking

Social Networking

If you don’t have links to your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Digg accounts (along with a huge variety of other social networking sites), many people are starting to wonder if you are legit. It has become almost a necessity to have these on your site in 2010. This is a trend that we don’t see going anywhere — social networking is just starting to take off!

6) Silly, fun or informative intros


Along with social networking, many people are starting to let loose a little. Many websites have an intro area, either at the top of the site or along one of the sides. This is where they can tell the reader or customer who they are, what they like, and anything else.

Whether you love or hate the way that the industry decided to head this year, it is good to know what is going on and keep constantly educated on web design. If you are planning to make a new website, keep these trends in mind. Whether you plan to follow them by the book, or shatter them completely, you need to know the rules.

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